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Toric Lenses

Toric lenses are contact lenses that are used to treat astigmatism. 

Toric lenses are curved in a special way so they refract light in a  way that an individual’s retina can once again make sense of. 

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Get your eyes back in shape with toric lenses from Lulu Lenses Australia 

Our eyeballs should be round. But in many cases, they are not. They are oblong or often shaped like eggs. Possibly due to stress during pregnancy or other reasons. 

When our eyeballs lose their natural shape, we cannot see as well as we once did. Toric lenses change the way light is refracted to our Iris, correcting our vision -stabilising it. 

Toric coloured contact lenses are pretty much the same as prescription coloured contact lenses. They correct your vision in addition to providing you with a cosmetic benefit. 

You can get toric lenses in many different colours 

Which colour you choose is entirely up to you. Toric lenses can make your eyes seem blue, brown, black, gray, green and many different shades in between. 

You don’t wear toric lenses for anyone but yourself. Because they are an effective treatment for astigmatism, a vision disorder a lot of people suffer from, they make you more confident about people and events - improving the way you perceive them. 

Toric lenses do require you to speak to your eye doctor first.

You cannot buy toric lenses just like that over the web. You need a doctor’s prescription to do so. Step one will be an eye test. Once your doctor diagnoses you to suffer from astigmatism - he will prescribe a lens for you to correct it.

Once you have this prescription - you can order it online from us at Lulu Lenses Australia. 

Lulu lenses retails all kinds of coloured contact lenses 

We do prescription as well as non-prescription coloured contact lenses.

Prescription coloured contact lenses have a number attached to them and are sold to you on the basis of a doctor’s prescription you give us. 

Non-prescription coloured contact lenses have no number attached to them. Intended purely for cosmetic reasons, you can buy these lenses anytime you like without a doctor’s prescription from our online store. 

Choose from 48 different shades of non prescription coloured contact lenses we now have available online 

Our best selling contact lens colours are anesthetic bronze, anesthesia addict blue,  chicago apricot, chicago blue - and these are only a few of the total shades we have listed on our website. 

Prices are reasonable and start from just $127. Service is quick - any questions you have, we answer online itself using our online chat system.

If the person manning our online chat cannot answer your query immediately, they will take your email details and respond to your query once they have discussed it with a senior eye care consultant from our company. 

You don’t have to put up with glasses any more than you have to put up with astigmatism today!

Both can be treated quickly and effectively with toric lenses which you can order from our site here at Lulu Lenses Australia. 

Toric lenses can be purchased as coloured contact lenses giving you your vision as well as your natural, wholesome beauty back! 

To order your lenses right away, visit our collections page at . To make an enquiry, email us on

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