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Why buy your next pair of Anesthesia contact lenses online from Lulu Lenses Australia 

Lulu Lenses is one of the leading retailers of coloured contact lenses in Asia-pacific.

The best selling contact lens retail brand in the Middle East, we now also operate in Australia, the UK, Asia and New Zealand.

Coloured contact lenses are taking the world by storm and it isn’t hard to see why. They give you the confidence and the look you’ve always wanted.

If you’re tired of being a house-frau, you’d like to step out in style, then coloured contact lenses are the way to go.

Lulu Lenses is the sole reseller of Anesthesia contact lenses in Australia

The leader in coloured contact lenses, worldwide, Anesthesia’s contact lenses range are a rage in every country you visit - including Australia.

By letting more oxygen into your eyes which nourish and moisten them as you watch a movie, or work from behind a laptop screen or mobile phone, these lenses protect your eyes as you use them. 

All eye contacts today are coloured and sold in the form of prescription coloured contact lenses or non prescription coloured contact lenses. 

Prescription coloured contact lenses come in a range of attractive shades plus are numbered so they can correct eye disorders like astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia. 

Sometimes, referred to as toric lenses, they correct vision using a curved shape that alters the way light hits your retina and enters it. 

Your doctor will examine your eyes, and give you a number or prescription. You must give this prescription to your online contact lens retailer who can then mail you an accurate set of contact lenses in the specific shades you desire. 

Non prescription coloured contact lenses will not correct a vision disorder if you suffer from one.

A fashion element, they will, however, allow you to set the world - or someone special’s world, anyway - on fire. 

Are these the best coloured contact lenses money can buy?

At Lulu Lenses, we’d like to believe so. 

Nothing gets past the FDA unless it’s quality. The FDA is America’s watchdog for quality and safety when it comes to eyecare and a range of other products. 

But besides every one of our contact lense brands being FDA approved, they are also CE and TGA approved. 

CE Europa is the standard all eyewear products entering Europe have to meet from a quality and safety perspective. 

TGA refers to the Australian standards eyewear products including coloured contact lenses in Australia must mandatorily meet.

The best place to buy coloured contact lenses in Australia is online 

Online retailers don’t have to pay expensive rent to malls like Westfield. They can locate their warehouses anywhere in Australia. 

The savings they pass to you!

Coloured contact lens retailers are also known for better service  

For example, at Lulu Lenses, we have coloured contact lenses in Melbourne and we ship all orders the same day we receive them. 

Standard shipping we provide Free of Cost. 

If you would like your goods faster, we have express shipping options too. These, naturally, cost extra. 

A company with its ‘eye’ on the global prescription and non prescription coloured contact lenses market, we also deliver overseas with most goods guaranteed to reach you within 7 working days. 

Lulu Lenses caters to all your online coloured contact lens requirements  

The market for coloured contact lenses is only going to grow further. Every customer we’ve spoken to - and we’ve spoken to thousands - has told us that they love our products and would have no hesitation buying them. 

Whether it is prescription coloured contact lenses, non-prescription coloured contact lenses, toric lenses, anesthesia lenses, anesthesia addict blue contact lenses or coloured contact lenses to correct astigmatism, myopia or hyperopia - we’ve got a range that will work for you. 

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