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Luxury Contact Lenses

Lulu’s luxury contact lenses allow you to see everything in a new light, including luxury. 

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Introducing coloured contact lenses that allow you to see luxury in a new light 

They hold 38% more water than ordinary coloured contact lenses do. Besides oxygenating your eyes, permitting them to breathe better, our naturally coloured, luxury contact lenses block up to 60% of the Sun’s harmful UV rays. 

Handy whether you’re at the beach, or whether you’re trying to cut the glare from your computer or mobile phone screen. 

Luxury contact lenses are made from the highest quality hydrogels 

It’s hydrogels that keep your eyes moist giving them the comfort they enjoy.

When your eyes are dry, they fry - the result is never good for your optic nerve which delivers much of the sensory information your brain uses to process environments to make sense of them. 

This is why you never take chances with eyewear when you buy it. 

You always choose online retailers you can trust - who are at the top of their game when it comes to understanding eye health and delivering products that enhance it, such as natural coloured contact lenses. 

Long hours in front of TV screens, computer screens and mobile phone screens are depriving our eyes of what they need most to work - moisture. 

Electronic screens literally rob your eyes of moisture as they are heat emitting devices.

Luckily, there are ways out of the problem. 

One such way is to use luxury contact lenses. The 38% more moisture they retain mean they can protect your eyes from the toll modern lifestyles place on them. 

Lulu Lenses has tested hundreds of coloured contact lenses before settling on the best ones for you

Before a coloured contact lens can be called good, it must be called SAFE. There is no point in a good-looking product that is not safe. So, safety is the one area of our business at Lulu Lenses Australia that we will not compromise on. 

Buy your luxury contact lenses from us and more than a look, you will receive an assurance from us . That your lenses pass the stringent quality control tests laid down by the FDA, TGA and CE. These organisations certify eyecare and other products as being safe in America, Europe and Australia respectively. 

To order your lenses right away, visit our collections page. To make an enquiry, email us on

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