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Make a bold statement with these vibrant coloured contact Lenses from Anesthesia Australia. Shop the Anesthetic Collection of coloured contact lenses by Anesthesia Australia

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Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses

Prescription coloured contact lenses correct your vision plus give your eyes a look that is aesthetically pleasing. Plano lenses - which also come in different colours - don’t correct your vision, however, they give it a cosmetic new flavour. 

Prescription coloured contact lenses give you the look you want plus the focus you need

With prescription coloured contact lenses, you can get a variety of colours to suit the natural shade and hue of your eye. 

If you’ve ever wanted to know how it would feel to wear eyes as green as a cat’s, or as blue as the sea’s, well, here’s your chance to find out. 

Improve your vision with prescription coloured contact lenses from Lulu lenses Australia

Lulu Lenses stocks the best-selling prescription coloured contact lenses in Australia, the Middle East, New Zealand, UK and Asia. 

The best part of our lenses is you can buy them right here, right now- online! 

From Chicago Blonde to Apricot Pearl to Anesthesia Addict Blue - we have 48 different eye colours and shades for you to choose from. Each is as distinct as you are. To view our full range of lenses and to understand why we are a brand people prefer to buy their coloured contact lenses in Australia from - please visit our collections page at

Do you need a doctor’s prescription to buy prescription coloured contact lenses? 

If you have a problem with your vision - suffer from either short or longsightedness - then you do need to see an eye doctor to get your number prescribed. 

Once you get this number, the rest is easy. Simply give it to us, and we will ensure we accommodate it in your coloured contact lenses before we mail them out to you. 

If you do not suffer from short or long sightedness, medically known as myopia or hypermetropia, then you do not need a doctor’s prescription for coloured contact lenses. 

You can buy what we call non prescription coloured contact lenses or plano contact lenses. These are lenses that are used for purely cosmetic purposes.

Prescription coloured contact lenses start at fantastic prices

Lulu Lenses stocks a wide variety of prescription and plano contact lenses. With prices that start from just $127, we offer value you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere. 

Besides quality, we offer you the convenience of shopping online that make eyewear - and eye care - easy! Located in Australian’s fashion capital, Melbourne, Lulu Lenses’ goal is to service its’ customers making fashionable coloured contact lenses available to them - wherever they are. 

To order your lenses right away, visit our collections page. To make an enquiry, email us at

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