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Afterpay Lenses

We never lose sight of what is important to our customers - easy payment plans 

Afterpay lenses are a new way to pay for your coloured contact lenses once you buy them from us.

Afterpay allows you to split your purchase amount into 4 easy installments for which we are charged a service fee - but not you. 

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Afterpay makes buying coloured contact lenses in Australia even more affordable 

Afterpay does not charge you any interest on your purchase or fees on your repayments as you make them. 

Because you do not pay any service or interest fee on your purchases when you use Afterpay, any number of coloured contact lenses you buy from us, using it, works out cheaper for you in the long run! 

The best selling brand in the Middle East for coloured contact lenses, with a business that’s fast becoming known for its dynamism in Australia, the UK, New Zealand and Asia, Lulu Lenses is growing because of its emphasis on service.

When you place an order for contact lenses in Australia online on our site, we dispatch your lenses the same day. 

As a customer, you receive multiple options on how you wish to receive your goods. 

  1. Standard shipping 
  2. Express shipping 
  3. Worldwide courier service (7 day arrival)

All our shipments, we track, using digital codes that tell us exactly where your shipment is. 

If there is any delay, for any reason whatsoever, we will let you know about it, immediately, using your preferred communication channel -  text messaging or email. 

Afterpay coloured contact lenses are evidence of the personal commitment we extend to you 

It’s a service we provide though we are under no obligation to. 

It’s part and parcel of our overall vision which is to become the leading retailer of quality non-prescription coloured contact lenses in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. 

Coloured contact lenses are a responsibility first and a business second for us 

Your eyes are your windows to the world and the last thing we would like to see is them being adversely affected due to negligence on our part. 

Which is why all  the contact lenses we sell on our site - whether prescription or non-prescription - are certified by the FDA (America), CE (Europe) and TGA (Australia). 

What each of these boards do is guarantee that the eyewear products we sell meet the high-quality standards that all OECD nations demand. 

You can have products replaced but not returned

The one thing we like to do at Lulu Lenses is be upfront with our customers. 

For health and safety reasons, we do not accept returned contact lens sets unless there is a clearly visible defect. We do ask you to take your time to make your choice, therefore.  

For health and hygiene reasons, goods once sold cannot be returned - even if the packaging is not opened. 

To order your lenses right away, visit our collections page at . To make an enquiry, email us on

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