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8 Things You Should Know Before trying Coloured Contact Lenses For The First Time

Here are Lulu’s top tips for first-time contact lens wearers.

Number 1: Know when to throw

First things first, only keep your lenses for the recommended period of time. It sounds like a no-brainer, but surprisingly people often like to bend the rules when it comes to keeping lenses for longer than they should. We recommend you always stick to the prescribed wearing and replacement schedule of your lenses. Remember that replacement schedules are put in place to keep your eyes safe. Daily lenses are designed very differently to extended wear lenses. Thankfully, with Lulu Lenses, your favourite fashion lenses are safe to keep for a whole 6 months!

Number 2: Keep them clean!


If we had to emphasise only 1 tip as the most important, it would hands-down be this: always keep your lenses clean. When you buy your lenses they will come with specific care instructions. For example, after wearing your lenses, using a high-quality multipurpose solution, remove each lens from your eye and place it in the centre of the palm of your hand and rinse your lens with 6-8 drops of solution before putting them in its container of fresh solution.

Number 3: Put your lenses in BEFORE applying eye make up.

We love this tip because it is both practical as well as important for eye safety. Not only does applying your contacts first avoid the risk of smudging your beautiful eye makeup (don’t mess with a girl and her eyeliner), but it also eliminates the risk of makeup getting in your eye during lens application. Let’s face it- as much as we LOVE our makeup, its ingredients often contact harsh chemicals, so we do not want to risk it getting into our precious eyes. Better to be safe than sorry: Lenses first, makeup second. 

Number 4: Say no to H2O!

Tap water might be great to drink but is definitely not good for our lenses. Never ever use tap water to store, clean or rinse your contact lenses or case. Water contains trace elements that simply are just not safe for the eye and unable to effectively clean your contact lenses. Enter, contact lens solution, the knight in shining armour. Think of your lenses and solution as your favourite couple (totally inseparable and you can’t have one without the other.


Number 5: Wash and dry your hands before and after handling your lenses or touching your eye.

 Another simple tip, but not to be missed. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before you even think about inserting or removing your lenses. 

Number 6: Do not sleep in your lenses.

 If we had a penny every time someone asked us if they can sleep, shower or swim in their lenses. The jury is out and the answer is always no. Not only does it increase the risk of infection and dry eyes, but also no one should ever have to face the dreaded fear of searching for a lost lens in their eye! Before you ask, no they cannot roll to the back of your head.

Number 7: Use fresh solution every time when storing your contact lenses.

Once your lenses have been sitting in solution, that solution simply is no longer sterile. So never just just top off the solution that’s already in the case. Instead, completely empty out the case of the old solution and replace with fresh solution.

Number 8: Relax and have fun!

We can sometimes be our own worst enemy when it comes to the nerves of putting in contact lenses for the first time. Be calm, relax and know that if you have purchased good quality lenses with TGA, FDA or CE health certification, then there is no need to stress.

Even if you find it tricky to put the lenses in for the first time, you will have mastered the art in no time at all! (just think of the first time you ever tried to wear eyeliner 🙊).

Colour is transformative and powerful, so make sure you have fun and enjoy your empowered experience with coloured contact lenses.

Lots of love and lenses,

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