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Anesthesia Lenses vs Solotica Lenses

If this isn't your first rodeo with contact lenses, then you've probably heard of Solotica lenses before. They are originally a Brazilian brand and have a number of colored lenses available. As they became popular and increasingly unrelgulated, unfortunately a number of fake counterfeit Solotica products saturated the market, causing serious complications for consumers. It is so critically important to be sure that designer lenses are a genuine product and FDA approved.
What do Anesthesia lenses do to protect your safety from counterfeit products?
Every boxed pair of Anesthesia lenses is tracked by its unique item number at every step of the way from design, to your doorstep. Each box is also marked with a seal of authenticity, a unique hologram stamp- so that you have the ultimate confidence that when you wear Anesthesia lenses, you know you're wearing genuine, FDA approved, premium quality designer coloured contact lenses.
For us at Anesthesia, the safety of our customer comes first! It's a jungle out there, so stay safe, sisters! Want to chat about this or have any questions? Send us a message at
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