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Addict Blue

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The ocean reflected in a lens... It's Addict Blue! Waves of bright Blue tones infused with faded Yellow. Is it it your turn to be a blue-eyes beauty? Designed and inspired by natural blue eyes with no contrast ring - these are the ultimate in natural beauty glam!

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Anaesthesia addict blue coloured contact lenses are special because they retain eye moisture for longer periods of time. This makes them ideal for anyone experiencing eye-strain or spending large amounts of time behind a computer or mobile phone screen. 

Anaesthesia blue contact lenses usually last only three months. Anaesthesia’s addict blue contact lenses are a step up and last 6 months before you need to change them.

Addict blue contact lenses are soft and pliable

People love addict blue lenses because they are soft on the eye. Gentle, on it, too. 

Your eyes are your most vulnerable asset, and few realise this better than us at Lulu Lenses Australia. 

For some time now, we have been the leader in coloured contact lenses in Australia, the Middle East, New Zealand, Asia and the UK - it is the gentleness with which we approach our clients’ eyes that have made us the favourites in them. 

Anesthesia addict blue lenses are by far the world’s most ‘in-demand’ coloured contact lenses. 

But addict lenses are not just available in blue.  They are also available in cream and other shades that suit your skin.  

Lulu Lenses sells Australia’s  widest range of addict blue contact lenses.. To view this range, click here  our addict coloured contact lense page

Few know this better than we do at Lulu Lenses Australia. 

For over 5 years, what has driven us is not just coloured contact lenses but the fashion statement we make with them.  

Blue eyes are so popular that even musicians like Elton John have sung about them. 

Once only possible if you were Anglo-saxon, or rich, blue eyes can now be enjoyed by all who desire them. 

All anesthesia addict blue contact lenses come in packs of two - one for each eye. You can buy them easily online or shop our range of prescription coloured contact lenses. 

From $70 USD, the price is right for a new way to see yourself and the world 

For every pair of anesthesia addict blue contact lenses you buy, you receive a FREE contact lens case as well. Safe for wear, plus  registered with the FDA (USA), the TGA (Australia) and the CE (Europe), anesthesia blue addict contact lenses improve your perspective on the world by changing it. 

To order your lenses right away, visit our collections page at . To make an enquiry, email us on

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  • Packaging: 1 pair (2 lenses), plus free contact lens case
  • Safe: Australian TGA Registered, US FDA Registered, Euro CE Registered
  • Base Curve: 8.6
  • Diameter: 14.2
  • Replacement schedule: 6 monthly



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