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Non Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses

Add colour to your life with non prescription coloured contact lenses from Lulu Lenses Australia

Colour takes life and makes it worth living. Non prescription coloured contact lenses lenses allow you to replace them with emerald, oro, crema and castana plus over 40 additional shades you can view at our online store. 

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Buy a pair of non prescription coloured contact lenses today from Lulu Lenses Australia and swap your eyes for someone else’s - all in a matter of minutes. 

Can non prescription coloured contact lenses give you a new perspective on life? 

We couldn’t be absolutely certain about that. What we can be certain about, however, is that our coloured contact lenses will allow you to step out in style.

If you’re tired of being a ‘house-frau’, then non prescription coloured contact lenses  are just what the doctor ordered. 

With no need for a prescription from your ophthalmologist, or an eye test from your optometrist, they are as easy to put on, and remove, as your make-up. 

All eyes on you when you step out with non prescription coloured contact lenses from Lulu Lenses 

Home to all the best selling coloured contact lenses brands including the anesthesia addict blue series, Lulu Lenses is where more people are buying their non prescription coloured contact lenses from.

When we get a customer, we want to keep them for life 

Naturally, this means going the extra mile for them. It’s something we’ve never had a problem doing at Lulu Lenses Australia. 

You can buy coloured contact lenses from many stores online. What makes our store different? It’s the care with which we manage it. 

Every one of the products we stock has been carefully selected by our staff who are passionate about contact lenses and the difference we make in people’s lives with them. 

A fresh pair of eyes can take reality and turn it into a fantasy we all want to be part of. And that’s the ambition that drives us at Lulu Lenses. 

We genuinely wish to take our customer’s reality and turn it into the fantasy they’d rather it be!

Have you ever dreamed of eyes that are sea blue or smoke grey? 

If you have, then your dream has just come true. We have all the colours you can imagine your eyes would look good in, in-stock now. 

If your life is missing, among other things, some colour - then maybe it’s time to splash out on it - with the vivid new blues, greys, greens, browns and other shades we’ve got in store for you- now! 

To order your lenses right away, visit our collections page at . To make an enquiry, email us on

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